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"Le Cidre" Basque Tea Towel, large, deep magenta with orange stripes.

The French Basque tradition of cultivating flax and cotton then weaving these natural fibers into cloth dates to the Middle Ages. Basque farmers wove sun-protecting capes called Saïal to protect their cows. Seven stripes representing the seven Basque provinces (four in France, three in Spain) were woven into the capes. Today, our beautiful Basques linens from Jean-Vier continue this tradition with authentic designs incorporating the signature stripes.

For over 10 years we have been importing the Jean-Vier French Jacquard damask-weave tea towels to the delight of our customers. Each tea towel is woven of mercerized cotton, making them highly stain resistant and features a design that reflects the Basque culture, terroir, and culinary traditions.

100% cotton French Jacquard weave imported from France. Will not shrink or fade and stands up to years of use and washing. Dimensions: 35" x 22" / 88cm x 55cm.

Hints: Please wash before using to remove the starch and never use fabric softener when washing linens!

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