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Fleur de Sel from Guerande, France

A finishing salt, Fleur de Sel is minutiously harvested by hand from the thin crust which forms on top of the traditional salt marshes. Our Fleur de Sel is sourced from the famous salt producing city of Guerande in Brittany, France. This all natural, flaky, white sea salt forms by floating on top of the salt bassins of its sister product, grey sea salt. In France, this authentic sea salt has been produced and harvested the same way since the Middle Ages. Containing magnesium, naturally occuring iodine, and many minerals providing health benefits, this delicate salt should be reserved for seasoning only. Its fine flakes grace the finest tables. Packaged in handmade salt bags made with fabrics imported from Paris, France. Please let us choose your bag as each bag is unique.

100% natural product. Additives and anti-caking agents are never added.

4 oz. bag/125g

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