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Grey Sea Salt from Ile de Noirmoutiers, France

Harvested by hand in the traditional salt marshes found on Ile de Noirmoutiers, an island off France's Atlantic coast, this all natural coarse grey sea salt gets its color from the open air clay bassins in which it crystalizes. In France, this traditional sea salt has been produced and harvested the same way since the Middle Ages. Loaded with magnesium, naturally occuring iodine, and many minerals providing health benefits, this salt is a cook's best friend. Its large crystals are good for cooking or grilling foods. Packaged in handmade salt bags made with fabrics imported from Paris, France. Please let us choose your bag as each bag is unique.

100% natural product. Additives and anti-caking agents are never added. Please note: grey sea salt may contain tiny traces of plant matter due to the open-air harvesting methods as this product is minimally processed.

8 oz. bag/250g

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