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"Tender Thoughts" Made in France Table Top Candle Shades, 3-pack

A discovery during our travels in Provence: we spotted these cleverly designed table-top candle shades which convert an ordinary stem glass into a lovely dining table ornament. Just add a candle (battery-operated, please) to the glass and top it off with this charming shade. We have been using these in our French bistro as table lights to great acclaim ever since!

Designed and made in France by Mathilde M. Sold in packets of three. Made out of a flexible plastified material. Three pale grey designs on a parchment-colored background. Package includes one each of three designs: "Tender Thoughts," "Love Letter" and "Special Delivery Birds."

You supply the battery-operated candles and the stemmed glasses. Do NOT use with traditional flame candles. Dimensions: diameter is 4 3/4" / 12 cm at shade bottom and 2 1/4" at top of shade. Height: 4 3/4 " / 12.2 cm tall.

$19.50 2 available